10 Adulting Life Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier

Because when you're in your twenties, the world kind of expects you to have your sh*t together. Tip #1: If you can't get a jar open, run it under hot water and gently tap the bottom againt the counter or a hard surface to loosen the lid. Tip #2: Put an unopened bar of soap... Continue Reading →

Feeling Sexy and Getting Out of Your Intimacy Rut

I recently read an article about getting out of a sexual rut, and I was clearly inspired. However, most of them will give you Pinterest date ideas and physical warning signs to look out for which made me think: Being in a sex rut is a personal thing and it is absolutely nothing to be... Continue Reading →

20-Something Year Old Guys & What They’re Looking For In A Girlfriend In 2021

Dating in your late teens-twenties is messy, fun, euphoric, emotional and a rollercoaster of lessons. But, we're young and still have plenty of time to clean up the messes. I mean sure, you're seeing engagment photos, baby announcements, and some of your friends still have a curfew. This is the time to explore and experiment... Continue Reading →

Adult Friendships and Handling Them In Your 20’s

"We don't judge. We're the non-judging breakfast club, we're your friends."Gossip Girl Growing up every girl wants to feel like they have the ultimate girl group and a Serena to her Blair. You do everything together, and weekends are not weekends unless you have plans with them. Somewhere along the way, you start adulting hard... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Ontario Small Businesses You Need To Shop From RN!

I wish it hadn't taken a sh*tty year and a global pandemic for small businesses to finally get the attention they deserve, but better late than never! I'm so happy that I've had people and social media to lead me these local businesses because their stuff is awesome. Whether you want a personal gift, or... Continue Reading →

Unpopular Opinion: Tanning Beds Are More Beneficial Than Harmful When Done Right. I Said What I Said.

I am very well aware that this bold statement is a highly controversial one. I'm going to explain myself with facts, knowledge and personal experience which it is my right to do so... after all, it is my blog. Even though I stand firm on what I believe about indoor tanning, I'm not the kind... Continue Reading →

Essential Items You Should Have For Your Dog’s First-Aid Kit.

The reason I've even been inspired to write this post is because I had every dog owners worst nightmare happen to me. My dog is a complete as*hole when it comes to brushing time, so I lure her with a treat every few minutes to keep her behaving. When I gave her a treat, it... Continue Reading →

How To Make The Best Home-Made Cookies Even If You Suck At Baking!

I have tried to be one of those cute, baker women that has fresh baked goods waiting for my boyfriend when he comes home from work with a little flour in my hair and an apron that gets put to use... you know the image I'm trying to put out. Unfortunately, that is so not... Continue Reading →

A Review of Every Show I’ve Watched In The Last Year and You Should Watch Too.

Black Mirror, Created by Charlie Brooker: To say the least, this is the first thing I've ever watched under a "sci-fi" category that I honestly enjoyed. Definitely do not recommend watching this show by yourself unless you are brave because it WILL give you the creeps. One of my favourite things about this show is... Continue Reading →

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