Separation From Your Twin Flame

Before you even continue reading this, please make sure that you understand the difference between twin flames and co-dependent relationships. The true difference is that twin flames’ relationships consist of respect, trust, equality and boundaries. If you feel like you’re with this person because you’re reliant on them for a sense of self-worth or you are feeling trapped: this is not healthy.

Moving on- separating from your twin flame gives relationship breakdown a whole new meaning. It’s agonizing and detrimental, almost feeling Dealing with separation from your twin flame 

unbearable. It’s painful to separate even just temporarily. You feel incomplete without this person in your life because things just make sense when you are together as a whole vs separate beings.

You know the stage in your relationship where the relationship is electric and igniting? Egos are clashing, things are heating up and you’re playing Runner and Chaser: a fairy-tale relationship. Somewhere along the way, your trauma and insecurity are stripped raw. 

I would say it is honestly impossible for a true twin flame relationship to NOT go through dysfunction and drama in the beginning of their union or shortly after. It is inevitable. 

These intense relationships can be so injurious to your well-being that you end up thinking, was it an illusion? Did I make this up? What happened to the perfection I felt between us? Because when you have a twin flame; things are so f*cking good when they are good and ugly, horribly bad when they’re bad. It is almost too much to grasp trying to comprehend how something can get so twisted, so fast. 

The answer is no. It was not a figment of your imagination, it was real… but it’s buried under layers of your damaged egos. 

 “Twin flames are essentially made to dissolve your ego. Of course, your ego doesn’t like that. We are ruled by our egos and if weren’t, we’d be enlightened. The stronger your ego is, the more likely you are to run away from a person that makes it feel impotent.” 

Moral of the story: Life needs to prepare you before you enter a twin flame relationship. You need life experiences, pain, healing, and wisdom. Of course, these are things that will continue in the process of life even while you are living alongside your twin flame, but certain lessons are meant to happen at certain times; they shape you.

Losing your twin flame, whether it was forced or simply because you are unable to coexist with each other is a nightmare. Maybe, it was simply not your time. There is quite nothing that can compare to the grief and this post was made to validate your feelings. 

In order to heal, you need to understand why the separation occurred and accept the stages of grief. At the end of the day, twin flames are not responsible for your happiness and the sooner you can integrate this into your mentality – the sooner you will start to see the enjoyment in life independently again.

twin flame separation by Altheia Luna

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