Handing Cuffling SZN like a Bad B*tch and Entering the New Year.

Perceive this as the pep talk you didn’t know you needed. Or you knew, but it was time to hear it.

‘Tis the season to be mentally and physically healthy, happy, and healed b*tches! It’s almost 2022 and we do NOT have energy or time for people who do not respect and treat us with the kindness we deserve. Should I say it one more time?

We are going into the new year feeling happy, focused, confident, hydrated, and sexy. At this point in our lives, why would we not focus on living our best possible life? And actually following through with it? The world, you, and me have gone through a lot these last couple years and as a wise woman once said (Kelly Clarkson) what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Let’s get into it honeys.

1. These days, shit changes SO F*CKING FAST!

They will go as fast as they came, and don’t let yourself get too comfortable with anyone until they’ve proven to you that you SHOULD be getting comfortable! Pay attention to your previously learned lessons. Don’t expect people to love you, like you do (iykyk.)

2. Listen to yourself… LISTEN to yourself.

No matter what you believe in, you are meant to think and feel things for a reason… stop telling yourself that you’re crazy, you’re imagining it, etc. If there is something you feel and see that is wrong – listen to it. More often than not, our intuitions are 100% correct and we are not here to let anybody make us feel unvalued, gaslit, under appreciated, none of that! No matter how bad it is, it can always be worse and you’ve probably made it through much worse already and turned out just fine baby girl! Seriously, stop taking shit you really don’t deserve because it is draining AF.

3. This is a real important one; some sh*t is really fun… but it’s not meant for you.

Enjoy the moment, and enjoy yourself with people who make you happy. But remind yourself over and over again to be consciously aware of the path you’re heading on with EACH decision you make – and know when some of them are not it. No matter how fun they are. Continue working and preparing yourself for what IS meant to come your way!

Just because it’s cuffing season, does not mean you need to be cuffed to someone. More like cuffed to something… live your life, sis. Hot girl/F*ckboy summer can be year round! Your pick!

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