✨Clean Girl✨ Aesthetic and Your Complete Guide on How To Be One Yourself

The internet is freaking out over the #cleanaesthetic and I’M. OBSESSED.

If you’re collecting bits and pieces of the trend that you like, stop RN. Because I took the liberty of making a complete guide & from top to bottom that you can just *bookmark* for Inspo!

Ok let me start with saying, when I look at someone and I just KNOW they’re ~clean~ they smell like fresh linens and soaps with a hint of wonderfully scented candles. Like, I want to smell like this 24/7???

These are the best, and top-rated “clean” smelling perfumes. They smell like you just took a shower, and threw on a freshly washed cotton tee. I had to test this out, so I purchased the “Clean Classic” perfume, and it did NOT disappoint guys. This is my new scent.

Here are some top tips and secrets from women who always look put together and fresh!

1. It’s the details! The half-tuck of the shirt, a loose roll of the sleeve, no wrinkles!

2. Pay special attention to your fit: basic essentials, soft colours, and freshly washed laundry — like-mind pieces such as wools, suedes, good quality denim.

3. Your nails are always a PRIORITY! That includes your feet. In the winter time.

4. They take care of their things. Steam out any wrinkles, wipe off any shoe scuffs, clip loose strings, use a lint roller, wipe off your purse, etc.

5. COMFY NOT SLOPPY. Read it again! Keep your sneakers clean, and your elastic fabrics form-fitting.

6. Posture check as often as you can – chin up, shoulders back, and tummy in!

7. Polished hair is actually a lot easier than it sounds, even if you’re pushing day 5 of washing your hair – wear it in a sleek, neat and stylish updo to make yourself look instantly put together. If you’re wearing your hair down, taking your baby hairs and combing down your flyaways makes a huge difference – spray a little amount of hair spray on a comb and just brush down your flyaways.

8. The 3 piece rule: an outfit is not complete until there is a third piece. Jewellery, scarf, bag, belt, etc. your pick!

9. Take care of your skin. Moisturize after every shower generously, and exfoliate routinely.

The most important part needed it’s own section: The Face.

1. Spend time washing your face thoroughly and properly – a fresh canvas works best.

2. Moisturize, use serum, and add all the hydration and glow that you can!

3. Keep it light and simple with the makeup. Don’t use foundation, but opt to spot conceal instead. Use a tinted moisturizer, and stray from powders!

4. Use lip balm or a light gloss.

5. Neat brows is a MUST. Embrace your natural brows as much as you can, and use a brow gel to keep them where you want em!

6. Curl your lashes and keep your eyes fresh but natural – a little concealer goes a long way. With this makeup, less is more.

7. Find the right blush tone for your skin, because a blush that suits your cheeks will bring instant hydration and life to your face!

8. Liquid products (contour, blush, and highlight) will always look more natural versus powder products. If you’re oily or need your makeup to last, loosely dab just enough translucent powder to set your t-zone and no need for heavy baking.

9. Finishing your look with a luminous or dewy setting spray is bound to complete it!

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