Healthier, Glossier Hair That You Can Easily Achieve Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars.

Before I get into it, this is an official statement that this is just what personally worked for me, and is not meant to offend anyone in any way.

My hair was brought back to life from crazy damage by own doing and indecisiveness, because of my incessant need to change my appearance when I have a mental breakdown. I have always been a hair lover. I firmly believe that a glossy, and bright mane will bring you like 10 hotness points immediately. When I see someone with slippery-soft looking hair, I want to touch it. I want to smell it. Jk, but not really.

So getting to the point, when I decided to change my hair colour, shape, and length 17,882 times, I obviously damaged the sh*t out of it and it was no longer my naturally thick, and pretty hair (in my opinion.) Here’s how I brought it back to life to its current state of being much longer, glossier, and a whole lot healthier!

Clarifying Shampoo

Build-up in your scalp will be the death of your hair. Not literally, but it is such a c*ckblock for hair growth. It is an absolute must to thoroughly use clarifying shampoo at least twice a month. You don’t want to overuse it, because it strips your hair and can be really drying.

There are plenty of affordable clarifying shampoos that are easy to find – these are some of my recommendations!

Silicone-Free Conditioner

Since conditioner is meant to stay in your hair post-shower for moisture and smoothness, you want to pick something that will go hand in hand with the no-build-up thing. Silicone and Sulfate tend to clog pores and hair follicles, so you should avoid them in your beauty products unless you are trying to create a barrier between your skin and a product (such as make up primer.)

This is the conditioner I personally use, and the only one I have used in years because it does the job every single time and I am genuinely happy with the results I get from it, so I haven’t felt the need to try anything new!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Conditioner $29

Hair Masks

Hair Mask.

Hair Mask.


Did I mention, use a hair mask?

No, it does not count if you do it as a treatment once a year at the hair salon. There are so many good, and affordable hair masks that will literally transform your hair with anti-frizz, restoring damage, and tons of hydration. You NEED to be replacing your conditioner with a hair mask every second to third wash depending on your hair. That means you blondie, that bleach is not your friend when it comes to the hydration department.

I want to mention that the third mask, Shea Moisture, is my absolute favourite. I saw results after the FIRST use and it’s also the cheapest! I went all winter without static! Enough said.

Micro Trims

Before anyone goes ahead and gives themselves an accidental bob, I want to add extra emphasis on the word “micro.” Once a month, yes, once a month – I section my hair into 4 even parts after a shower and while it is still wet, and trim less than an inch off my ends to clean them up. It will help your hair get rid of that deadweight, and your hair will look so much fresher, and healthier with bouncy and soft ends. Micro trims will help your hair grow much faster too, since there will be less breakage. This is probably the most important part of your hair care routine, NGL.

For referance on how effective this simple and affordable hair care routine is, here is a timeline of my hair journey over 2 years.

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