Are You My Twin Flame or My Soul Mate?

All of our lives, starting from the beginning, we search for acceptance, love, and human connection. If you’ve ever had that special, deep, and intense human connection with a friend, significant other, family member… you know there is nothing else like it. It makes us feel whole, being accepted and loved unconditionally by another being. Once we feel like we’ve found this bond, we refer to these people as “soul mates” or “twin flames.”

But is there a difference? What do those terms actually mean?

What is a Soul Mate?

The literal mate to your soul, one with whom you feel deep and natural affinity. It’s an energy force that will draw souls to one another and things just work! For some of us, our souls can have many mates over the course of our lifetime because sometimes people just drift or grow apart – whether this is in a relationship sense or friendship. A soul mate doesn’t always have to mean forever. It’s a person who brings you love and growth that helps you evolve into who you are. To some, the difference between the love of your life and your soul mate, is that one is a choice and the other is not. This being because the connection and depth between soul mates is a greater life force which we do not get to choose and the universe draws us together.

A soul mate is not someone you will just instantly fall in love with for the rest of your live, and never disagree with. A soul mate is a person who you just instinctively know, and connect with on a deeper level that allows you to grow as a person throughout the relationship – if that person happens to be a romantic partner, you’ve got something truly special!

Some Signs You’ve Got Yourself a Soul Mate In Your Life…

You communicate without speaking. You feel each others thoughts and emotions without it needing to be said.

The physical chemistry is remarkable and distinct. This doesn’t have to mean on a sexual level. This person radiates energy that just fits yourself and sends your spirits in a whirlwind! You feel safe, happy, loved, and it just feels right being around them.

He or She challenges you like no other. This relationship will never be rainbows and butterflies; it’s almost as if no one else can drive you as mad as this person can. The key thing about these challenges and rocky times is that they hold the power of helping you evolve. This person makes you, your most authentic self because they bring some of the thougher lessons for the soul.

The relationship brings both people an inner sense of calmness.

You and Your Soul Mate have separate identities and you are entirely different people – but you face the world as one. Soul mates recognize their differences, but they just know that no external factor can break their bond.

What is a Twin Flame?

Two flames that merge together and burn as one. The two flames are more powerful, compelling and forceful when they are together. Sharing so many similarities and bonds over those connections with each other, sometimes you feel like you’re looking into a mirror. And just like soul mates, some days, when you’re looking into that mirror; you don’t like what you see. Because your twin flame is a reflection of who you are, this love can be so challenging and at other times, effortless and perfect. These kinds of relationships are the most gratifying.

When you are with your twin flame, you connect so deeply that eventually you feel like you become better versions of your original selves. Soul mates call for individuality, whereas twin flames call to become one.

So How Do I Know If I Have a Twin Flame?

They want to achieve something truly meaningful equally and together.

He or She has a higher calling than just a thriving career or financial success.

They genuinely inspire and push you into the direction of expanding on and improving yourself to become the best version of you.

You always see them as a shining light of encouragment and optism towards others.

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