Sex Questions You’ve Always Secretly Wondered, Answered.

I think it’s safe to say that at least once in our lives, we had a private moment we never told another human being about, and thought, “is this only me?” well… it’s not. I guarantee you that thing that happened to you or that you thought about, someone else did and it’s not weird.

There are so many reasons the human mind loves to play out and imagine sexual fantasties; to escape reality temporarily, to express or fulfill a socially taboo sexual desire, or to plan out a future encounter. Sometimes, even to relax and reduce anxiety. Whatever your questions, kinks, and desires are – I hope one of these will make you feel better about it because you should embrace all aspects of yourself and your sexuality!

Asking For More Sex or Reintroducing Hot Sex To Your Relationship

Ask and you shall receive babe. You nor your partner will ever gain the ability to read each other’s minds. If we did, the world would be a much better place. (or angrier.) So unfortunately, that leaves us with only one option: communication. Your partner may not know what you are feeling or perhaps there is another reason; hormones, antidepressants, physical reasons, emotional reasons, etc.)

The best way to gradually rebuild the intimacy in your relationship is to bring it back to the beginning. What do I mean? Well, when you started seeing your partner, things were exciting. Things were good. Those things brought you this far. Go back to just making out sometimes. Go back to holding hands. or maybe… start planning sex. I don’t necessarily believe in “sex shouldn’t be planned, it should happen spontaneously.” Because honestly, there is something hot in knowing you have are having sex later. The anticipation and tension builds up between the two of you. That is intimacy. Set a reminder in your partners calendar with a sexy title, get creative!

Sometimes I have dreams about other women or the thought turns me on (like watching lesbian p*rn.)

Without needing to be said, sometimes this means the obvious. You’re attracted to women, or a particular woman. 56% of women have said that they would much rather watch lesbian porn, and the category was 151% more popular with female viewers than men. Even though some of these women are straight. Here’s why:

It’s about performance. Have you ever seen man to woman, hard-core porn? I would rather watch The Dead Poet’s Society. However, lesbian porn is often written by women, for women. The woman’s body is the spotlight. Also, lesbian porn is about the womans pleasure. Straight porn’s main focus is usually on the penis…sorry, but penis-in-vagina jackhammering does not do it for me. I also feel like lesbian porn is so much more relatable to women because you won’t be thinking about why you can’t do the things the pornstar is doing to the man – but instead just focusing on what feels good.

Women often symbolize love, nurture, and closeness. Dreaming about being with a woman may mean you are missing that closeness and hanging with a girlfriend. Perhaps even not getting enough closeness from your male partner.

Moral of the story, an erotic dream doesn’t define your sexual identity.

So Where Is The G-Spot?

Ah, the million dollar question. If only we knew. Kidding! Apparently, there are a lot of researchers who don’t even believe in the g-spot while others defend its existance but disagree about its exact location.

One school of researchers apparently have said, that its location is the tissue behind the urethra (behind the pubic bone) and about 2 inches inside your vagina.

*one sec while I enter those directions in my Maps.*

I also read that others believe it’s farther back, in a triangular area at the back of the bladder wall called the T-Zone – where 3 nerves come together.

So to sum it up… it’s probably a combination of all of those. If your partner is plucking the right strings, does it matter what instrument he’s playing? I think not.

Can you really break a penis?

Moment of silence for Mark Sloan, before we begin. (IYKYK.)

The answer is, no. You can’t ‘break’ a penis because it’s not a bone. You can fracture it though.

If you’ve ever had a guy dramatically shout “I think you broke my d*ck!” during sex, chances are, you probably just hurt him but you did not actually break it.

Why do I feel like I need to pee during sex sometimes?

It’s not actually possible to literally urinate during sex it’s just the urge to pee which is a good sign according to Dr. Emily Morse. It means that your G-Spot is being hit in the right way, and you might be close to orgasm. It is possible to leak urine during sex, especially if the bladder is really full, but some doctors believe it’s rather female ejaculation which can occur during orgasm.

What’s up with curved penises?

Soooo, penises, just like vaginas, come in every shape, colour and size. Some curve up, down and sideways while erect and is very common. If it starting to get curved or curvier over time it could be Peyronie’s Disease which can happen from injury during sex. Otherwise, a curved penis is totally normal and might just hit you in all the right places (hehe.)

(also from Dr. Emily Morse)

Can I get pregnant on my period?

The likelihood of becoming pregnant during your period strongly depends on how long your cycle is, for most women, it’s 28 days. Semen can stay inside the vagina for up to 5 days, and your ovulation cycle usually starts 10 to 12 days before the start of your next period.

So basically, it’s not impossible and definitely not a reliable source of birth control.

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