Your Zodiac Signs Perfect Boyfriend, Best Make Up Looks and Colours

Astrology and Astronomy have been linked for thousands and thousands of years. It’s human nature to wonder about the mysteries of the universe and wonder what the meaning of our life is along with it’s connection to the sun, moon and endless stars overhead. Astrology is complex but the most fundamental principle of astrology starts with 12 star signs of the zodiac. Each sign has developed its own associations and characteristics. Every sign carries its own approach to life.

So let’s get to the fun part and ditch history class. There is a sense of belonging with your sign group and it’s the same sense of belonging with your friends when you have the same opinions and thoughts. Dive in to your signs’ perfect-match boyfriend, what make up and colours bring out your zodiac’s glow!

Disclaimer: This was written based on my personal experiences, the Co-Star app, and opinions of people I have asked!


March 20 – April 19

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Celebrities: Mariah Carey and Lady GaGa

Aries Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Bold. Aries likes someone who will stand out and be the center of attention (or at least close to the center.) You need to have a lot of energy to be able to keep up with them. You will always know how they are feeling because they are literally incapable of hiding their emotions and need to physically display them. Aries fantasizes about a bad-boy-gone-good just for them and basically love it when you are perceived as “scary and bad” to the world, but behind closed doors, you are sweet and only have eyes for her. Aries wants a partner that will share their appetite for risk and adventure and who will be understanding of their aggressive attitude towards love. it’s important to an Aries that you’ll be able to stand your ground!

Aries’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Bronze, Warm, and On Point! Aries is a fire sign so it’s not a surprise that they love warm colours. They are all about the bronzed, glowing, Kardashian-type looks. An Aries’ birth stone is a diamond, so naturally, they love shining bright like a diamond. Highlight is always the right touch to their glam. They are usually nervous about bold colours and looks, but if done right, they will look amazing! Don’t be afraid to go with a bold lip every once in a while.

Colours For An Aries Are…

Red and variants of pink are popular for Aries, but a lot of them find blue to be their lucky colour because it is one of the colours of flames.


April 19 – May 20

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Celebrities: Audrey Hepburn and Gigi Hadid

Taurus Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Kind, Safe, and Comforting. They are really big on routine and it’s important to them that it’s important to you too. They want a partner who is reliable, consistent and you must be okay with PDA and affection because it’s one of their biggest love languages. A taurus girl doesn’t know how to do “casual” because once they are sure of something and it feels like there is a solid foundation, they’re going to invest in it with all their loyalty. However, they need to feel that loyalty back because they need to feel like you share the same values with them. Tell them “I want to settle down and have a serious relationship” and they will have no problem giving in to you in all aspects!

Taurus’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Luxurious and pink, with attention on the lips. Overline, plump, and accentuate the lips because those looks will always be the best on you! Pinks look soft and pretty on you because they show the world a glimpse of your personality. Taurus looks amazing with a cat-eye eyeliner look, and anything floral. They tend to feel nervous about doing something different and drawing atention to it, but once you do it – you won’t regret it!

Colours For A Taurus Are…

Lighter pinks, shades of white, and pastel greens tends to be a favourite with Tauro girls! Their zodiac sign symbolizes an earth element, and your ruling Planet is Venus. Hence – the colours! Green can nurture their spirit and reinforce their connection to nature and growth so it’s important for Taurus girls to embrace that. Taurus season is Spring Time when the greenery returns and the colours bloom. Remember, these colours will bring out the best in a Taurus!


May 20 – June 21

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Celebrities: Natalie Portman and Kanye West

Gemini Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Spontaneous! Gemini girls live in the moment and they need someone who will go along with their whims and not give them a hard time about them. Gemini girls will be captivated by the reflections of their own qualities in you, and they fall in love fast. However, they will also fall out of love equally as fast. They are easily bored and they do most things in life with the intention to just have fun because they feel like it in the moment. They secretly love when friends will call you the ‘whipped’ one in the relationship because it makes them feel good.

Geminis’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Center is on the eyes! Gemini babes have a lot of fire and personality in their eyes, so the best way to show that is framing the eyes. Dark eyeliner, inner corner highlight and fluffy lashes will do you good! Go light on the lips, as they’re not the main stage here. Pale pinks, neutral shades of brown and gloss will be best on you! Feathers are always a good accessory on you along with butteryflies since this is what your sign rules.

Colours For A Gemini Are…

Yellow has always been a big YES for Gemini, but shades of white and pinks have brought them excellent vibes as well seeing as Mercury is your ruling planet. However, yellow and green are related to positivity and success which are the most important to any gemini and it is safe for gemini to believe in the power of these colours.


June 21 – July 22

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Celebrities: Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian

Cancer Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

The one who says “I need you.” Cancers tend to fall in love easily because they don’t fall in love with the person but with what they’re hoping to find. Which means they’re easily disappointed. They want to be loved, but they never trust that it will last. Cancer is attracted to someone who isn’t afraid to make them feel things and even hurt their feelings – as long as you know exactly how to fix it. They are forgiving and extremely sensitive so they will always forgive; but never forget. A lot of the times, they are incapable of falling in love with the person who actually loves them back. You will more than likely always know what a cancers true feelings are because they are terrible at hiding it and unknowingly impose those feelings on you. It’s important that there is the right balance of good and bad in the relationship because your cancer girl loves making up and feeling emphasized feelings emotionally and sexually.

Cancers’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Neutral with a sleek Charcoal Grey! Cancer girls are known for their clear eyes and open faces because of their ruling planet – the moon! An ashy, cooler toned palette will work wonders for you because those colours are meant to be worn by you. Smoked out eyes with luminous skin is your look! A soft coral blush or lip is the perfect stroke of colour to this glam. Pearls are an excellent accessory on you because your sign is a water sign – and often associated with the sea!

Colours For A Cancer Are…

Shades of whites and creams will bring a Cancer great deals of luck. Pearl white has a lot of spiritual meaning to things that are important to a a Cancer; like wisdom, serenity, safety and purity. Rose Gold is also a natural fit on them for jewellery because it’s romantic and Cancer girls tend to wear their heart on their sleeve!


July 22 – August 22

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Celebrities: Coco Chanel and Kylie Jenner

Leo Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Intelligent. If you cannot mentually stimulate a Leo and make them feel like they are learning things from you, they will get bored and quickly be turned off. Leo craves to feel like she is being worshipped by someone who can be considered her equal and is also sophisticated. If you get into an arguement with Leo, don’t expect a rational apology but instead the justified reasoning of their actions. Seriously, if you want to get a Leo hot, you can show them a MichaelAngelo painting and tell them that it reminds you of them. Leo needs to feel like their boyfriend would do anything for them and not by obligation. You have to be able to pull your own weight and be independant because Leo is the one who wants to be taken care of, not vice versa.

Leos’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Bronzed with lots of honey hues! Gold and burnt orange eye looks bring out your inner Leo fire, with a touch of smoke/black to add sharpness. Another look that stands out when worn by a Leo gal, is winged-out eyeliner. Leo’s are fierce, bold, hot and dangerous! Your makeup should say the same about you. If you’re not for the bold eye looks, do it with a lippy instead! An occasional bold lip suits you well. Leo is known for liking lavishness so nice smelling creams and perfumes are a part of you and you should embrace that!

Colours For A Leo Are…

Without a doubt, orange tones and gold! It is suitable for a Leo to avoid any dark colours because it just isn’t them. It is said Orange, Gold, and Red will attract success and best results in everything for a Leo.


August 22 – September 22

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Celebrities: Beyonce and Zendaya

Virgo Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Extremely good with time managment and organization. Virgo’s are orderly and rigid because they have a very defined style and it’s not to meet any beauty standards, but to literally appease their own standards! If you want to be with a Virgo, you need to commit to the challenge because it takes most Virgo’s a long time to fall in love. You should also get used to not doing things your way and be able to take criticism! A Virgo can come off as harshly oppinionated but it only gets mistaken for passionately caring. Virgo’s tend to be pessimistic and cynical about romance because what they expect from love is not normally attainable. Sometimes, Virgo’s find themselves attracted to people who are slightly unstable because they want to be the ones to put them back together.

Virgos’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Fresh-faced, simple, and clean. Virgo’s are all about #aunatural. Virgo’s always sway towards earth tones like terracotta and earthy browns. Since Virgo is a perfectionist, they will spend time on making their look just right and especially for a “no-makeup-makeup-look.” Virgo’s favour natural features like bushy brows and natural lashes because it suits them! They will always embrace natural beauty and their glow truly is from the inside out.

Colours For A Virgo Are…

Greens, blues and earth tones. Virgo’s are truly connected to the earth and feel the closest to their true selves when surrounded by things that feel like nature. Green is often thought to represent nature, health, tranquility and luck. A true Virgo has a good eye for anything elegant and functional while paying very close attention to detail. Pieces from designers like Kate Spade are right up a Virgo’s alley.


September 22 – October 23

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Celebrities: Kim Kardashian and Zac Efron

Libra Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Cool, Calm, and Collected! Libra’s aim to please and love being the ones to make someone feel special. A lot of Libras carry themselves very composed and sophisticated, but their interior is full of self-doubt, disorient and at times, insecurity. They need someone who is capable of being there for them physically and emotionally during their most disoriented times. A Libra needs their partner to encourage them to be themselves and often remind them that they are in control of themselves. Libra loves when you agree with them, so just remember to say “Oh my god, me too!” during a conversation.

Libras’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Soft and pastel! Libra is all about the feminine looks. Libra is a sign of balance, and their make up should be the same. Rather than either having their eyes or lips stand out alone, everything is about equally done. During Neptune’s transit of Libra, it was the era of the debutante consisting of overall harmonious vibes – which is why Libra will always find themselves gravitating towards soft baby blues.

Colours For A Libra Are…

All things blue! Any shade of blue is considered lucky for a Libra gal! Since they’re all about balance, blue has significant connection to restoring balance. Libra’s can always rely on blue for good luck when it’s needed.


October 23 – November 22

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Celebrities: Kendall Jenner and Drake

Scorpio Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Hot & Popular. JK, but not really. Scorpio’s are big on social status and want to be with someone they’re proud to be with. They’re like emotional daredevils and want you to have them intrigued, passionate, lustful and desired. They’re pulled by these emotions but also repelled by them because they don’t want to feel like they are being overruled by their own feelings. Scorpio is attracted to a darkly seductive energy and intensity so if you want to keep up with them, you need to have an enormous sexual appetite. Scorpio will always be defensive about their feelings and opinions but it’s only because they are actually sensitive deep down and don’t like feeling vulnerable.

Scorpios’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Berry Stylish. Ha, get it? Scorpio’s love dark berry colours! It’s the shade of Scorpio season and those hues will bring out the true Scorpio in them! A smokey eye is the very best for a Scorpio because it’s penetrating and intense like the Scorpion. The gothic/witchy vibe has always worked well for them because duh, halloween is around the corner! Scorpio is a dark and seductive sign ruling over all taboo subjects like death, mystery, transformation, etc. and any Scorpio should emphasize that, not shrink it!

Colours For A Scorpio Are…

Always red! Red has a range of symbolic meanings that are right up Scorpio’s alley. Life, War, Health, Anger, and Love. The common thread is that all of these require passion and the life force that drives passionate blood is red!


November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Celebrities: Chrissy Teigen and Britney Spears

Sagittarius Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Flexible! You’re lucky if you even get a Sag into a relationship because they are all about living their best life and being as independant as they possibly can. If a Sagittarius starts to feel like you’re being even remotely controlling, they will not hesitate to be a rebel and forget all about you! The thing about a Sagittarian is that they’re so open, they fall in love fast and hard – it’s the aftermath you need to be committed too because they love that they can move on quickly. A Sag girl is attracted to vibrancy and they tend to be wanderers. They want someone they can enjoy life with and somebody who doesn’t take life too seriously. They want to be able to experience the world without thinking of the consequences and if they feel like you are the one reminding them of those consequences and tying them down, they’ll leave just as fast as they came.

A Sagittariuses’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Exciting and bold! A Sagittarius is naturally an adventorous extrovert who genuinely enjoys being the first to try new things. Glitter, Shimmer, Reds, Purple’s and Pink’s will serve you just right when you’re trying to do some glam. Sagittarius looks best when they can balance just the right amount of ‘bold’ – go for a BB cream, and focus more on your eye look. If you want to wear bright pink lipstick, take it easy on the eyes and blush. Let the one center of attention be the only one! It will be so stunningly you!

Colours For A Sagittarius Are…

Purple! Purple is a Sagittarians power colour because of its connection to creativeness. Purple speaks to the soul of a Sag, and will help them think outside of the box when they need it.


December 21 – January 20

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Celebrities: Michelle Obama and Diane Sawyer

Capricorn Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Mature. Capricorn’s are extremely responsible and have basically been full grown adults since the age of 6. If you want to be with a Capricorn girl, you’ll probably need to become her best friend dropping subtle hints over a few years until they realize they’re in love with you too. Capricorns have very high standards when it comes to their partners and are easily turned off by any kind of behaviour that rubs them the wrong way. They want a white picket fence life with a partner their parents will love because they seriously value family and tradition. They really don’t like feeling emotionally dependant on anyone, so they will be cautious and keep their distance. They hate dealing with anyones mess and they expect their partners to be as self-sufficient as they are. They will always want to be the lead in a relationship because they have a desire to control and command most situations.

Capricorns’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Winter-esque with boundaries. Capricorn’s always suit a defind Kohl eyeliner because they are ruled by a serious Saturn, and gravitate towards maturity. Capricorn’s are always known to have great complexion and beautiful bone structure so they should always strive towards a touch of lace as it takes effort and detail to be created; like a Capricorn. Dusty Rose Colours and Antique vibes will always accentuate a Capricorn’s complex personality.

Colours For A Capricorn Are…

The colours blue and black will always bring a Capricorn luck. Blue symbolizes confidence, communication, and it’s believed to even bring you intelligence. Black is often associated with power, mystery, elegance, and sophistication. All of these traits are important to Capricorns as they believe they are a part of them and more often than not, they are right!

Aquarius (Me!)

January 19 – February 18

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Celebrities: Ellen Degeneres and Jennifer Aniston

Aquarius Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

A realist! Aquarians are philosophers who genuinely believe in conspiracy theories and have fetishes for freedom. They don’t really do ‘feelings’ just concepts. Basically, they’re dating pool is people who think like them and understand them yet there is a part of each Aquarius that hates their own interests. Even if you don’t agree with an Aquarian’s opinions and beliefs, encourage them to be themselves and embrace their differences because Aquarians are addicted to figuring out people. Not your genetic makeup, but experiences you’ve had and opinions you’ve developed. Aquarians believe that love is science and chemicals. If you can inspire an Aquarius, you’ve struck a romantic spark. If you want to make it work with an Aquarius, you need to understand their need for space without taking it personally. Partners who need to wrangle you with expectations and guilt trips; is not a partner for an Aquarius.

Aquarius’ Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Aquarius babes are all for a “less is more” fresh faced approach. Lots of people believe that Aquarians are known to have ‘wild’ and captivating eyes, so frame your eyes beautifully with a dark liner! Taupe or Apricot shades on the lips suits an Aquarius like they were meant to be together. If you have an Aquarius friend, you can count on them to speak up for what is right and they’ll most likely have an accessory that only suits them; as if it was a part of them. The boho look is their calling card!

Colours For An Aquarius Are…

An electric blue for a one-of-a-kind Aquarius or a Violet will always make an Aquarian feel lucky. Spiritually, this shade of purple signifies the union of body and soul which creates a balance between our physical and spiritual energies. An Aquarius is always on the search for fulfillment and answers on the meaning of life and this colour expands awareness; connecting us to a higher consciousness.


February 18 – March 20

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Neptune

Celebrities: Rihanna and Justin Bieber

Pisces Wants Their Boyfriend To Be…

Comforting but not boring! Pisces are always torn between what they want and what they need in their partners. They fantasize about a great love that will swoop them off their feet but the right partner will be rooted in reality and open to giving their Pisces girl this love and romance that they crave since a Pisces is excessively romantic and it will be necessary for them to be happy. The thing about Pisces girls is that they have this alluring charm that some signs may find so appealing but others find so frustrating. When you’re dating a Pisces, you’ll feel like they are 5 years old and 50 years old all at the same time and they have no boundaries.

Pisces Make Up Looks The Best When It’s…

Emphasizing on the eyes. Pisces have such enigmatic, poetic and dreamy eyes that they need to stand out. Work through a silvery base with lavendar or cool purples and finish with a charcoal, smokey edge. The hydrated, wet look was meant to be worn by a Pisces! It’s a mystical water sign after all, and the sheerness sits beautifully with your skin.

Colours For A Pisces Are…

Teal and Silvers have been known to sit well with a Pisces because of the ocean. Teal brings healing and renewing energy and you can count on these colours to bring you some luck with that.

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