The Mother’s Day Gift Guide You’ve Been Needing

Mother’s Day is just two weeks away & it’s not too late to get your madre a gift she deserves and loves! This Gift Guide is Ontario Lockdown-Approved because almost every single item is available on Amazon, and is available for Prime Delivery so it will most definitely arrive on time. I want to mention that I am all for currently supporting Small Businesses, and there are some still taking Mother’s Day Orders. If you like or know a small business that can provide you with a great Mother’s Day Present – now is the time to show that support! I have a link on my favourite Ontario Small Businesses that I have personally shopped with and loved, which you can find here.

Important reminder: To the world, they are Mothers. To our families, they are The World. There are all different kinds of mom’s out there and that is why I’ve made a Gift Guide to cover each one!

The Sleepy Mom

SunBeam Weighted Warming Blanket $119.62

This blanket weighs 15lbs, and is reversible and microfibre. It also has arm slits and a neck cut out! Perfect for Mom’s Sunday couch naps.

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Cotton Sleep Eye Mask With A Travel Pouch $14.99

This sleeping mask is light blocking, soft and comfortable. It’s super soft, smooth and completely handmade!

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Moon Night Light with Touch Control Brightness $32.99

This cute little moon lamp comes with the wooden stand, and is USB charging (charge for 2-3 hours for 8-10 hour use.) It also has warm and cool light options!

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Satin Kimono Robe $36.99

This satin robe is perfect for a sleepy, morning or night time mom! It comes with 12 colour options! Yup, 12. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and even has side pockets.

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Plush and Fuzzy Slide Slippers $28.99

These faux fur cuties come in 10 colour options and some even range with cheetah/unicorn/zebra patterns! Side note: I actually have these exact slippers and wear them every day. They are non-slip, and very warm!

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The Beauty Mom

LONOVE Facial Steamer $41.99

This beauty tool is an amazing add to your moms bed-time skincare routine! It works wonders for improving skin cell function, and retaining a glowing, youthful complexion. It will help dry skin, and open pores while ridding your stress of the day. It will steam in only 30 seconds, for up to 10 minutes! It comes with 3 extraction tools as well.

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LED Facial Mask for Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging and Tightness $108.99

This LED Facial Mask is amazing! It especially works wonders for Oily Skin, Melanin Pigment (Dark Spots) and Wrinkles. It will also improve elasticity, and fight fatty areas. It comes with 7 light options – all targeting specific skin areas.

Red Light: Skin Cell Activity, Skin Firming and Anti-Aging.

Blue Light: Anti-Inflammatory and Bacteria.

Green Light: Oil Secretion and Hydration.

Purple Light: Acne Treatment and Scarring.

Light Blue Light: Metabolism and Healing.

Yellow Light: Supplements Energy and Masks Pigment Decomposition.

White Light: Accelerates Metabolism in Active Tissue.

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Rose Quartz Face Roller, Mini Eye Roller, and Gua Sha $29.98

Face Rollers are excelling for massaging face serums and oils. They promote circulation and de-puffing! They are anti-inflammatory, reduce wrinkles, and flush lymphatic waste. For the best de-puffing effect, mom can store her face roller in the fridge for a cooling refresher in the morning!

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Farmacy Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer $61.44

This cruelty-free gel moisturizer is perfect for morning or night time use, and excellent for pores, dryness, and oiliness. It’s silicone-free and delivers lightweight and hydrating moisture.

It is available to order online, but if you’re worried about arrival time, you can also order for curb-side pickup to a Sephora location.

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Electric and Re-Chargeable Foot Callus and Dry Skin Remover $23.99

Listen, sandal season is approaching and Dougie Ford isn’t giving us nail salons anytime soon! This has 2 adjustable speeds, and is completely water-proof. There is nothing more mom will love than a pedicure!

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The Garden Mom

Wide Brim Sun Hat $24.98

Um, how cute will mom look with this adorbs sun hat? This cutie comes in 4 different colour options too! It is sweat absorbant and will let her garden the whole day sunburn-free!

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82 Piece Heavy Duty Garden Tool Kit $46.99

82 pieces of gardening tools?! for $47!? How can you go wrong! Mom will have everything she needs for her beautiful summer garden this year!

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Heart Glass Planter with Wooden Stand $20.99

This planter is so cute for some indoor decor! The glass is high boron silicone and heat resistant so it doesn’t break easily. If you want to make it extra special, you can add the plants yourself for some extra love.

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Boho Wall and Ceiling Hanging Planter $40.98

This pretty planter comes in 3 colour options (white, black and gold) and comes with the adjustable hanging chain!

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Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit $122.99

It’s the perfect time of the year to start growing your veggies! If you have a garden mom, you know how happy they are about their homegrown herbs. This indoor growing kit will come with an LED growing light, Plant Germination Kits and 12 Plant Pots. It will allow you to grow up to 12 herbs or veggies at once with an automatic control panel to do the work! It even has a water pump!

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The Fit Mom

Motivational Gallon Water Bottle $25.70

What better way to hydrate than with a water bottle that makes it easy! and a water bottle that came from you! It’s BPA-free, No Chemical Smells and Dishwasher Safe.

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3 Pack of Resistance Bands $22.99

With gyms being closed in Ontario, all of our fit moms are struggling. Resistance bands make home workouts a bit easier and you can always use more even if you already have some! There is 2 colour options available as well.

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Non-Slip Yoga Mat $45.02

Speaking of home workouts, yoga mats come in super handy for any kind of pilates or home work out and yoga. This yoga mat is thick and comfortable and she could always use a pretty yoga mat that you gave her. You can make a workout combo gift with the yoga mat and resistance bands!

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6 Piece Cooling Towels $21.89

Simply soak the towel, wring it out and snap it! After a few seconds, the chill towel will keep cooling for several hours and you can reactivate it by repeating the steps. This ice microfibre towel is easy and perfect for any workout!

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For The Mom Who Has Everything…

Canadian Wine of The Month Club 1 month for $79.99 or 3 months for $227.97!

Send mom a monthly wine gift package because really… what mom doesn’t love her wine? The first shipment will arrive mid-June and includes THREE curated wines from around the world, tasting notes, and exclusive member pricing so she can re-purchase her favourite bottles. Also- shipping is included!

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The 60 Hour Candle $38.00

This candle self-extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip, will burn up to 80 hours, and is made of 100% beeswax. It comes with a sleek and elegant copper tone stand for a rustic look.

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DIY White Wine Making Kit (30 bottles in 4 weeks!) $65.99

You can choose from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio! The Mom Tri-Fecta! It’s easy and fun and perfect for a quarantine activity. The kit yields 30 bottles which comes out to under $6 a bottle! It for beginners or experts, and will come with step-by-step instructions!

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RocketBook Reusable Smart Notebook $44.22

This is a gamechanger for the busy mom! This Smart Notebook will include 1 Pilot Pen and 1 Microfibre Cloth. It also comes with 9 colour options! Any notes that you take in the book, can be transferred to your phone or computer within seconds through Google Drive Dropbox or the Rocketbook App for iOS and Android! All you have to do is allow 15 seconds for ink to dry in order for it to bond to these specialized pages.

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