The Best Netflix Rom-Com Movies That Will Make You Feel Some Type of Way and Everything You Need to Know About Them

If you’re feeling like me, sitting at home and bored out of your mind, you need to watch these movies and embrace vicariously living through Lara Jean Covey, Peter Kavinsky, Tessa Young and Hardin Scott. There has been a noticable lack in successful Rom-Com movies since 10 Things I Hate About You, The Notebook, The Princess Diaries, etc. However, I think these qualify for our generations decently good ones so far and if you haven’t seen them – you should ASAP. If you have already seen them, watch them again. Are any of us in the position to pass up feel-good movies? I think not!

Before we start, I just want to give a moment of appreciation for these memes and whoever created them that perfectly describe all of our feelings on these movies, and what you should expect to feel if you’re going to watch them:

Okay. Now we can proceed.

After & After We Collided

“Whatever our souls are made of, Hers and Mine are the same.”

The After Series is based off the novel series written by Anna Todd, which are absolutely spectacular reads. I’m not a crazy book person, but when I find the right book that will keep me interested after a few chapters, I am obsessed. Every single book in the series got better than the last and I highly recommend reading them even if you’ve seen the movies because it’s never the same experience. The complete series is After, After We Collided, After We Fell, and After Every Happy. Only the first two have been released as movies, but there are more coming! Harden and Tessa will make you crave love and heat while breaking your heart all at once. Just shortly after Paramount had bought film rights, Anna Todd had felt like she was losing creative control and Paramount gave the rights back – thank god because apparently it would have been a whole different movie! A lot of the scenes that are orginally in the book had to be removed from the films to maintain a PG-13 rating (Boo. IDK about you, but I’m trying to see more than Harden’s naked butt.) Honestly, just watch the movies and if you’re feeling crazy PLEASE read the books because you will not regret it!

The iBooks are availble for CAD $12.99 and CAD $21-$25 for hardcopy versions available at Indigo.

Canadian Netflix really f*cked us by not putting both movies on there, so only After We Collided is available. You can rent After on Google Play and Amazon Prime for CAD $4.99 though!


“Oof…that is one lucky cone.”

Okay, a couple things. I watched this from a completely random selection of movies because I saw Emily Ratajkowski involved (guilty!) and second, it’s not the most amazing movie that will be remembered for the next few generations or anything… but it’s cute. I’ll definitely give it that because I love a good bad-boy-makes-a-good-girl-go-bad vibe. It’s set in the 1980’s with italian stallion Gio Fortunato spending his days street racing and picking up women. He meets Jessica Weinburg, a Jewish girl from Long Island with a wild side and they have a hot summer fling filled with sex and cocaine which ends up being something more. Out of all the movies I’m suggesting here, it shouldn’t be your first pick, but it should be on the list if you don’t have anything else to watch!

Canadian Netflix recently removed it which sucks, but it is available for rent on Google Play for $4.99!

The Kissing Booth & The Kissing Booth 2

“It was that exact moment that I finally felt okay.”

Overall, adorable series. There is two things I personally dislike: Joey King and that the series is slightly childish. It’s obviously meant for young teens so it’s not the movies fault but I just feel like I enjoy a bit more action (not the genre, if you know what I mean.) Also, I don’t know why I dislike Joey King, I just do and don’t want to explain it. Elle falls in love with her best friends older brother who’s a popular football hottie and he treats her like a princess. The second movie continues with their relationship going through some harsh bumps in the road but of course, love conquers all and they are living happily ever after! Random fact – The first movie was filmed in South Africa! So beautiful! Another thing that intrigued me was that Joey King and Jacob Elordi were dating in REAL LIFE while filming the first movie and broke up right before the filming for the second movie started! The movie series is based off a novel series written by Beth Reekles but I cannot give my imput there because I’ve never read them. Last fun fact before you go watch – the Kissing Booth Fandom is called #kisssquad!

All 3 of The Kissing Booth Novels are available at Indigo for CAD $14.99 each! Both the first and second movie is available on Netflix Canada with a preview of the Kissing Booth 3 coming out this year!

365 DNI

“Are you lost, babygirl?”

Not to be dramatic, but I would DIE for Massimo Torricelli. Some can argue that he is slightly toxic and aggressive, but hey – I dont mind a little ~toxic behaviour~ from a sexy mob boss. Unlike The Kissing Booth, this one is filled with action. I mean really, it’s porn if we’re being honest. 365 DNI is Poland’s version of Fifty Shades of Grey and sometimes all a girl needs for a mood boost is a glass of wine, snacks, and Polish Porn. Laura’s cool too but the only thing I feel when I look at her is envy because she is 10/10 hot. Massimo is a mob boss in Sicily who dreams of finding this woman he’s seen in his dreams. He finally locates Laura, visiting Italy on vacation, and kidnaps her while proposing she stays with him for 365 days because he is sure that she will fall in love with him…I mean, it took me the duration of this movie for that to happen but she is pretty fast about it too. The movie ends with a MAJOR cliffhanger that obviously told viewers there is a second one in the works. However, COVID-19 made some interruptions to filming so it hasn’t been confirmed when the second will be released. I’m going to be real about it, this movie did receive a lot of backlash for the slightly tasteless anti-feminism and debatable acting, but if you go in with a lighthearted attitude about watching some soft porn and don’t go into it with the expectation of an Oscar-worthy performance – it’ll get the job done.

365 Days was based off a Polish novel written by Blanka Lipinska and just this year has became available in English. It’s sold at Indigo for CAD $25! The movie is available on Netflix Canada.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

“But I’m a Sunflower, a little funny, If I were a Rose, maybe you’d pick me. But I know you don’t have a clue, this sunflower is waiting for you.”

If you want a movie to strike emotion and make you want to be a better person – this movie is the one. Sadly, it’s my personal opinion that it’s just very unrealistic. Real life high school does not go like this and this would probably never happen. But, we can dream that there are boys as nice as Jamey. I watched this movie because I like to pretend Noah Centineo is my boyfriend. JK, but his face drew me to the Netflix description. A case of mistaken identity leads to an unexpected romance when Sierra, who is considered unpopular and unattractive, joins forces with the popular It-Girl to win the heart of her high school crush – Jamey! The word on the street is that this movie is a re-telling of the 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac with a different setting and time place. Another issue this movie took some backlash about, was that it essentially ‘glorified’ catfishing along with the fact that Sierra Burgess victimized herself with her self-confidence issues but was actually a selfish and sh*tty friend. Hey, to each their own! I still think it’s worth a watch and then you can come up with your own opinion.

It is available on Netflix Canada.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, P.S I Still Love You, Always and Forever Lara Jean

“Peter smiles, and ugh, it’s annoying how handsome he is.”

ALWAYS SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST. That’s right – I love you Peter Kavinsky! Lara Jean wrote 5 Love Letters to every boy she’s ever liked, and her little sister mailed them out behind her back. Her whole life is turning upside down until one of her recipients ends up surprising her with a potential mutual benefit from the letters. Their fake relationship turns real, and the second and third movie follow their relationship through high school and eventually college. Basically, it’s the cutest thing ever. Lara Jean Covey is an actual sweetheart, and Peter Kavinsky is the dream boyfriend. It’s definitly a feel-good movie that will have you wayyy into the feels. Spoiler: you have to wait until the third movie to see them finally do it. We’ve seen a certain type of rom-com many times, and I think it’s awesome that this movie had an Asian-American girl as the lead. Not that this movie solved the lack of representation, but they did prove that Asian-American audiences wanted to see more of themselves on screen. “Acting with Noah is very, very easy, so, it doesn’t take a lot for me to love his heart and his mind,” Lana Condor said, “If people believe that we’re together or they want us to be, I think that means we did our job as actors.” Um!!!! CUTE!!! I think it’s important for me to add that Noah Centineo stripped down for #MyCalvins along with many other celebrities. See for yourself!

You can buy the entire collection of novels for CAD $45 at Indigo, and the movies are all available on Netflix Canada!

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