10 Adulting Life Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier

Because when you’re in your twenties, the world kind of expects you to have your sh*t together.

Tip #1: If you can’t get a jar open, run it under hot water and gently tap the bottom againt the counter or a hard surface to loosen the lid.

Tip #2: Put an unopened bar of soap in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Tip #3: Ice Cube(s) will take away any indents on rugs and carpets from heavy furniture.

Tip #4: Peel potatoes by holding them with a fork. Just give it a gentle jab, and save your hands from working around the peeler and slipping!

Tip #5: A crumpled ball of tinfoil will keep your clothes soft and static free if you’re out of dryer sheets or want something more natural. Just make sure it’s smooth to prevent any sharp edges to snag your clothes.

Tip #6: Coffee Grinds + Dish Soap + Boiling Water = amazing drain unclogging!

Mix the coffee grinds and dish soap into a mixture, and once you’ve poured it down the drain follow with the boiling water.

Tip #7: Wrap the stems of your bananas with tinfoil or plastic wrap to preserve them for up to 5 days longer!

Tip #8: Put some Olive Oil on a cotton pad or tissue, and it will ease off any labels or unwanted stickers from jars and containers.

Tip #9: Boil some laundry beads (like Downy.) and your entire home will smell clean and fresh for up to a week! It’s fast and super effective.

Tip #9: Clean your shower with White Vinegar! Heat up the vinegar first, and spray it on your shower tiles while it’s hot. To lessen the smell, mix in a splash of dish soap and your shower will be sparkling!

Tip #10: Salt your pasta water after it’s boiling because contrary to popular belief, the boiling water will actually aggitate and dissolve the salt before you even put your noodles in!

Tip #11: 1 cup of hot water + 3 bags of any Black Tea = sparkling clean mirrors!

Tip #12: Throw in 3-4 ice cubes into the dryer with your clothes, and make sure to put it on the hottest setting. This will create steam and your clothes will come out wrinkle-free!

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