20-Something Year Old Guys & What They’re Looking For In A Girlfriend In 2021

Dating in your late teens-twenties is messy, fun, euphoric, emotional and a rollercoaster of lessons. But, we’re young and still have plenty of time to clean up the messes. I mean sure, you’re seeing engagment photos, baby announcements, and some of your friends still have a curfew. This is the time to explore and experiment (any kind of experimenting you want.) Some earlier than others, but nonetheless each lesson brings you a step closer to exactly what is meant for you in this life. I feel like girls in this generation go through the hardest time finding themselves and dealing with millenial anxieties about constantly changing trends, cancel culture, and social suicide. How many times have you thought about something you can do to make yourself more appealing for a guy because he said he liked it? Why not just ask them and find out what they’re looking for!

“The chemistry has to be there enough that you can feel it in the room. The ability to hold a real conversation and obviously a nice smile.”

“I feel like one of the biggest turn off for me is when a girl tries too hard to be sexy in everything she does. It’s the opposite of sexy and just makes me feel like she’s really insecure.”

“I like when girls are kind of goofy like me and can be a little weird. Also she needs to have some sort of goals in life by this age because I hate when girls think it’s cute to be dependant on others.”

When I meet a girl and she has big energy in the way that she carries herself and puts effort into good conversation, I instantly want to be around her. She has to have a cute personality and when I say cute, I mean like bright and interesting not just cute physically. Also I’m big on having a sense of adventure.”

“Physically, nice eyes and good teeth are important for me but she’s also gotta have a big heart. I like girls who are hard working and proud of it, and knows what they want.”

“I’m not a big fan of girls who care too much about their appearance on social media and popularity, being a try hard in that sense is the worst. Just be your real self and be confident in that.”

“If I’m interested in dating a girl, I need to see that she can be committed and doesn’t judge. It’s so hard to find girls who won’t judge you before they even know you, so someone who can accept you and be loyal.”

Well from what I’ve gathered, it seems men are still looking for a wifey who can be their equal partner. Don’t let 2021 make you believe that you need to be and look like something you’re not. Be yourself and although that’s easier said than done, embrace it. Somewhere out there, is your prince charming! Thank you to the gents who participated in this, you know who you are.

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