Editing Your Photos and Setting Boundaries

“Don’t post that picture until I edit it first.” “Make sure you show me any of the pictures before posting, ok?” “OMG add a filter I look awful!” “Can you make me skinnier and edit that part of my face before you post it?”

I know for a fact, each of those lines have come out of my mouth, my friends mouths, your friends mouths, you, everyone. In this post, I will most definitely not be a hypocrite and tell you to stop saying these things because I know I, myself, will probably say them again and many times at that. It’s just how our minds and feelings towards social media have been wired, and that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. That doesn’t mean that we can’t set boundaries. The next time you go to post a pic on Instagram, after you’re done editing, take a moment to compare to the original photo and ask yourself: Am I recognizable? There are baby steps we can take in setting boundaries to stay true to ourselves, and our real life appearances.

I find myself thinking about how much I wish I had certain parts of my body to be like a celebrity’s or an Instagram Influencers. I wish I had Kylie Jenner’s body (and her money.) I wish I had Shay Mitchell’s complexion, I wish I had Stassiebaby’s face, I wish I was Kim Kardashian. Aspiring to these famous people is human nature, but can we honestly say it’s healthy for our mental health? I have personally found myself wondering why my foundation and eyeliner do not look like Kylie’s 60% of the time I do my makeup in the morning. Even though we hear it all the time “it’s just filters” “it’s not real” “normalize texture!” I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it doesn’t even make me feel better. I have even gone to the point of creeping Dr. Simon Ourian as if I’m ever going to go to Beverly Hills and get plastic surgery by the same doctor as a Kardashian.

Do we realize when we pass by Instagram stories that look like this, or do we just not even notice it anymore because it’s normal?

So now that I’ve said my piece and you clearly get my point, here’s the thing. I am in no way telling anyone to stop editing their photos. I am even saying myself, I will not stop editing my photos. What I’m saying is: I’m going to set boundaries and I think we all should. I think we have been blessed with the technology and assets to adjust our photos to better quality, and enhance our natural features. Camera angels are weird and sometimes they actually do make your nose looks twice it’s size. Here’s the boundary part: don’t give yourself a whole new nose, slightly enhance it to resemble what it looks like in real life. It is so easy to get carried away when editing because it literally makes you feel good when you stare a picture of yourself and think you look good. You’d be surprised how many times I realized I went overboard once I compared it side by side to the original and I’m so happy I saw it before embarrassing myself. I am totally prepared to expose myself on editing my own photos because I know we all do, but I also know that I am still recognizable. After all, social media is designed for you to show off your best moments and make your life seem like it’s perfect. Twitter is the place to go when you feel like you’re at rock bottom because it’s a rock bottom, dark humour community where we embrace our crack head energy and realize we are all really out here living the same lives.

Here is my unedited, 100% unfiltered, front camera selfie.

Here is my edited version with darker brightness, higher contrast, extra warmth, retouched face, and VSCO KA1 with slight grain effect version that would go on my Instagram story.

And I am most definitely not embarrassed about it because if you truly believe my eyes have that sparkle naturally, and my skin is actually that soft, that seems like a ish-YOU and not an ish-ME.

So to conclude my Ted Talk, I think we should all start embarcing our natural appearances a little more the only filters I’m gonna say no to, are the crazy Instagram story ones like Sasha Sparkle Glam and Kylie+Kendall (seriously, go try them out and tell me they are not CRAZY.)

Snapchat filters though… those go off and will love them forever. Bye!

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