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Giving Yourself Closure When Nobody Else Can

It is an uncompromising, bitter and hard pill to swallow when someone cuts you out of their life; and against your will at that. Whether it’s a platonic or romantic relationship, it hurts deeply and it’s not easy to get over. I can’t be the only person who finds some level of comfort in knowing… Continue Reading →

10 Adulting Life Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier

Because when you’re in your twenties, the world kind of expects you to have your sh*t together. Tip #1: If you can’t get a jar open, run it under hot water and gently tap the bottom againt the counter or a hard surface to loosen the lid. Tip #2: Put an unopened bar of soap… Continue Reading →

Feeling Sexy and Getting Out of Your Intimacy Rut

I recently read an article about getting out of a sexual rut, and I was clearly inspired. However, most of them will give you Pinterest date ideas and physical warning signs to look out for which made me think: Being in a sex rut is a personal thing and it is absolutely nothing to be… Continue Reading →

Editing Your Photos and Setting Boundaries

“Don’t post that picture until I edit it first.” “Make sure you show me any of the pictures before posting, ok?” “OMG add a filter I look awful!” “Can you make me skinnier and edit that part of my face before you post it?” I know for a fact, each of those lines have come… Continue Reading →

What Women Want: According to Women

Let me specify: What Women Want From You IN BED. In order to find out what women really want, you need to ask them — so I did. I asked a bunch of women what was missing from their sex lives, what they would want more of, and their biggest issues during sex with men…. Continue Reading →

Obviously you’ve gathered so far that my name is Stela, I’m 23 years old, and I am a very proud dog mom. I also like all things beauty, I have an apartment with my boyfriend, and I’m going to share these parts of my life with you. Oh, I also love spending my money on things I definitely don’t need but uncontrollably want and therefore I’ll post them so you can spend your money on them too. 

I started this blog because it’s been a whirlwind of a year and I have spent 6 months of them stuck at home due to COVID-19 living out my dream of being a, you guessed it- 23 year old stay-at-home dog mom. Towards the end of these few months, I feel that I’ve grown as an individual in many ways that I’m proud of so I figured there are some people out there who may or may not stumble upon this page and relate to my words. Or at least laugh. Either one works. 

My main goal with this blog is to give my possible readers something interesting to look at, something to laugh about, something to learn from and of course, something to spend their money on. 

Love, Stela

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